The overarching strategic goal of the Collective is a focus on building strong Pacific organisations who in-turn support and lift vulnerable Pacific families to be independent and positive contributors to their communities. The approach for doing this is through;

  • Increasing our knowledge;
  • Developing and implementing sustainable systems and processes;
  • Building effective relationships; and
  • Working with a “best practice” mentality across everything we do.

The Collective’s Business Plan provides the framework to bring positive change in its work in support of its Strategic Plan.

Our Values

The Collective’s vision, mission and goals are underpinned by the five values that drive our work.

  1. Engaged
    • We are committed and passionate about the work we do.
    • We collaborate with stakeholders and organisations to make positive change.
    • We listen to people, families and communities to ensure sustainable change. 
  2. REspectful
    • We respect diversity across Pacific communities.
    • We respect the individual and shared goals of organisations working with Pacific families and communities.
    • We share our knowledge, expertise and experience to improve the well-being of Pacific families and communities. .
  3. AGILE
    • We are responsive to changing needs of Pacific families and communities.
    • We are able to engage effectively and appropriately with Government agencies and other organisations.
    • We are able to manage change internally and across our partners seamlessly and in a timely manner. 
  4. Service
    • We provide excellent service to a high standard for the people and organisations we work with.
    • We are reliable and focussed on meeting timeframes.
    • We manage and maintain high quality relationships to support our work.
  5. Excellence 
    • We use timely information to make high quality decisions.
    • We are innovative so Pacific families and communities receive the services they need, where and when they need them.
    • We are recognised as leaders in the work we do. 

The Collective will constantly seek to align itself to innovative ways of working, adopt efficiencies in its work, work collaboratively with its stake holders and evolve its strategy to meet the ongoing needs of Pacific families and their communities. With this in mind our strategy reflects the values for success in everything we do. The Collective will ensure that decisions and policies for today’s and tomorrow’s needs, are relevant and guided by these values.

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