The Pasefika community is at the heart of everything we do

Originally founded as a charitable trust in 2014 to support Pasefika health service providers in the Central North Island, CPC is a community-led organisation focused on enabling thriving, resilient and prosperous Pasefika communities.

What we do

Everything we do is driven by what our communities want and need.
We are a community-led, regional delivery model that targets, coordinates and focusses the effort of the many government, social and community agencies that want to improve Pasefika outcomes in Aotearoa and in Wellington, through improving wellbeing, addressing inequities and building capacity and capability.
There are many agencies and organisations – community, NGOs and government – delivering programmes and activities focused on Pasefika, often with a singular focus or with numerous points of entry into the community.
We provide a consistent point of entry and engagement to enable and ensure support and delivery of effective programmes for Pasefika communities in the Wellington region. Being community led, our solutions are what our people actually want and need.
Our involvement or engagement could be in several areas including enabling, partnering, building capability, commissioning, networking, advocating and delivering.

How we do it

For us to deliver on our vision and goals we need to be exemplars in three areas:

Relationships and Mandate

We have the mandate to serve on behalf of the Wellington Pacific community; a strong partnership with the mana whenua of the region we live in; and the relationships with funding agencies and delivery organisations.

Understanding and awareness

We understand the Pasefika communities in the Wellington region and the issues that are important to them. This will allow us to inform and focus efforts across all parties to areas that will have the greatest impacts on the community.


We are appropriately funded to have the structures, tools, capacity and capability to contribute to organisations and inform agencies.

Pasefika values and principles

Pasefika values inform how we operate and underpin how we engage internally, with the community, and with stakeholders.
Our organisation is unashamedly Pasefika. Our solutions will be developed and implemented by our own people – “by Pasefika for Pasefika”.
Our Pasefika values ground us when we have hard conversations, are in trying situations, or need to make complex decisions. We know that, regardless of the activity or the outcome, we are engaging our people and considering the issues in a culturally appropriate manner and considering the right things.
The principles help to guide us in what we do and how we operate. These operating principles include:
  • Retaining and embracing culture
  • Leveraging diversity
  • Transparency
  • Representation and inclusiveness
  • Partner with and learn from Māori