Strategic Overview

The Collective’s strategy aims to provide a way of working that is integrated, co-ordinated and efficient. This will ensure that the right services and opportunities are available to meet the needs and aspirations of Pacific families and their communities.

This plan supports consistency, best practice and robust and timely decision making centred on delivering the right services at the right time for Pacific families and their communities.

Our Functions

To achieve our “Vision” and “Mission” statements, we will focus on the following;

  • Developing, maintaining and strengthening the capacity and capability of organisations to address the needs of Pacific families and communities.
  • Influencing the design and implementation of policies and services related to organisations working with Pacific families and communities through the management of a robust, timely and accessible repository of Pacific data.
  • Leading and supporting the development and implementation of services provided by organisations to better meet the needs of Pacific families and communities.
  • Building enduring relationships which positively impact the lives of Pacific families and communities.
Our Outcomes

The outcomes we expect to achieve are;

  • Better decisions supporting vulnerable Pacific families.
  • Stronger and more resilient Service Providers.
  • More effective engagement across government, across sectors and across organisations.
  • Healthier and more prosperous Pacific families and communities.

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