Central Pacific Collective Chief Executive, Perenise Ropeti and Anthony Tapoki Ratima

The Central Pacific Collective are pleased to be supporting Anthony Tapoki Ratima on his journey to complete Ironman New Zealand in March 2019.

Ironman is one of the premier endurance sporting events across the world and New Zealand is lucky to be one of the few countries that gets to host an official Ironman event each year. On top of this Taupo, the venue for Ironman provides a picturesque playground which international athletes enjoy in pursuit of their sporting goals.

Ironman is an endurance event where a person is required to complete three separate sporting disciplines a swim, bike and run. For a full Ironman event the distance for each of these disciplines is:

  • Swim 3.8 km
  • Bike 180 km
  • Run 42.2 km

For a total distance covered of 226 km. Putting these distances in to perspective for somebody who knows Wellington, the swim is the equivalent of swimming from Frank Kitts park in the city to the Point Jerningham Lighthouse (the last bend where Oriental Parade changes into Evans Bay Parade) and back to Frank Kitts park again.

In terms of biking 180 km, the distance to drive from Wellington to Palmerston North is 140km. Imagine biking from Wellington to Palmerston North and still having another 40 km to bike before you completed the bike leg.

Finally, after completing the swim and the bike imagine having to run/ walk from Westpac Stadium around the bays including Oriental bay, Evans Bay, Shelly Bay, Scorching Bay, Worser Bay and Breaker Bay and then turn around and head the same way back to Westpac Stadium to cover 42.2 km (a full marathon distance). The distances for each discipline individually are astounding and as part of a full distance Ironman even more staggering.

Anthony Tapoki Ratima has set the goal of completing Ironman New Zealand 2019 and the Central Pacific Collective is looking forward to sharing this journey with Anthony as he builds his physical and mental strength to finish the full New Zealand Ironman in 2019.


Kia orana, Kia ora and greetings to all.

I am honoured and grateful to have this opportunity to participate in one of New Zealand’s premier endurance events, Ironman NZ 2019. The Central Pacific Collective’s support gives me a chance to not only acknowledge them, my family and my pacific heritage at Ironman NZ 2019, but to also give ordinary Pacific people an insight to what I will be doing with my physical training, managing a full-time job, and maintaining all my other everyday commitments to get me in to the best physical and mental shape leading up to the event.

Through my weekly blogs I will endeavour to give you the nuts and bolts, ups and downs, highs and lows of what it takes to prepare and train for an Ironman from the viewpoint of a non-elite athlete who works full time job. Has a partner who is an Ironman Triathlete and has a full-time job and how we try to live a balanced lifestyle of work, training, fun, family and friends.

My pacific heritage comes from both my parents. My father is Kira Garth Ratima and he is Māori hailing from the Hawkes Bay, Tākitimu waka, Ngāti Kahungunu iwi, Tāngoio Marae. My mother is Tokotai Tararo hailing from Mauke a beautiful island in the Cook Islands.

I was born and raised in Porirua surrounded by my family and all the beautiful culture that a place like Porirua has to offer. I currently live In Wellington with my partner who herself is a NZ Ironman finisher and a huge motivator and supporter of mine.

One of the key components to successfully completing an ironman is obviously doing enough training to physically prepare the body for the rigours of a full distance Ironman. Having a coach who can help you balance training, work, family, and provides a huge amount of knowledge and experience cannot be underestimated. To help in my journey, I currently train under the guidance of Ngarama Milner-Olsen of Mobile Fitness Solutions Ltd. She is my triathlon coach and will be competing in the World Ironman Age Group Championships in Kona, Hawaii in October 2018. With her help and guidance, I will be looking at getting to the start line in the best physical and mental condition so as to enjoy the challenges that an Ironman race will and can throw at you on the day.

My hope is that this blog will inspire some of our Pacifica people to want to be more active and maybe join me on the Ironman start line one day.

In order to complete such a significant endurance event a significant amount of physical and mental training needs to occur, and Anthony will be regularly sharing his journey through the Central Pacific Collectives Instagram and Facebook pages. Links to these pages can be found below. As part of sharing his journey we hope to provide some insight into an ordinary Pacific Islander doing some extraordinary things around his health and wellbeing and show that goals like this are not out of your reach.

Follow Anthony’s journey on our Face Book page – www.facebook.com/centralpacificcollective, and on Instagram – pasefikaironman.