Press Release 20 April 2018: Launch of the Tauhi Alliance

The latest initiative to address pacific health disparity in the Wellington region has been launched – The Tauhi Alliance comprising of the largest PHO in the region, Compass Health, Capital and Coast District Health Board, and the leading Pacific NGO in the region, Central Pacific Collective have come together to bring a better collaborative focus to achieve equitable health outcomes for Pacific people.

For as long as health data has been reported in New Zealand, Pacific health outcomes have been consistently and significantly lower than other ethnicities, despite funding and services targeting Pacific health.

There are many health conditions where Pacific people feature more prominently than other ethnicities and the Tauhi Alliance has agreed to focus on three specific priority areas as a starting point for the collaboration. These are, (1) Reducing ASH (Ambulatory Sensitive Hospitalisation) rates for Pacific children aged 0-4 years old, (2) Improving cervical screening rates for Pacific women, and (3) Reducing the number of Pacific people suffering from Long-Term Conditions.

Across the CCDHB region Pacific children aged 0-4 have the highest ASH rates compared to other ethnicities and was nearly double the national average.1

The target cervical screening rate for eligible women is 80% within the CCDHB region. The most recent cervical screening report showed that only 67% of eligible Pacific women were up-to-date with their screening.

People of Pacific descent are more likely to suffer from a long-term condition such as obesity, diabetes or heart disease compared to non-Pacific, and Pacific people are more likely to suffer from more than one long-term condition.

Tauhi is a Pacific term that means caring and the three Tauhi partners hope to make further inroads into improving the health and well-being of Pacific people by pooling resources, knowledge, experience and relationships to improve the way we work with Pacific families and communities.

Actions the Tauhi Alliance is undertaking includes:
• Improving the coordination of services so that Tauhi partners are not overlapping in their delivery of services. For example, A Pacific woman identified as requiring a screen is not approached separately by each Alliance partner.
• Sharing each Tauhi partners strengths to maximise resources and expertise for Pacific families which lead to improved health outcomes.
• An equitable financial commitment by each partner and a dedicated champion to deliver the Tauhi Alliance workplan.

In its short existence, the Tauhi Alliance has already delivered a free screening clinic in Porirua focusing on Pacific women, and project teams for each priority have been established and are implementing operational plans.

The Tauhi Alliance is a long-term commitment by each partner, underpinned by, a signed Alliance agreement, appropriate resources, and strategic leadership, that is, focussed on delivering sustainable improved health outcomes for Pacific families and communities.

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Click on the following link for a .pdf version:  Tauhi Alliance Launch 24 April 2018