Whanau Manaaki in partnership with Excel Pacific are proud to launch a revised Aganu’u Fa’asamoa program for beginners. The program is delivered by Epiphany Pacific Trust throughout New Zealand.


Topics covered will include:

The social and political hierarchy of Samoa in the village/churches/home


Basic greetings in verbal and written communications across different settings


Reciprocated Formal greetings

O ai a’u?

Who am I? What are my roles and responsibilities?

O le va fealoaloa’i

The social and spiritual relationships across gender, ages, siblings, matai, other people of status

  • What actions and behaviours constitute a breakdown of these relationships?
  • How to mend and maintain these relationships

E iloa o le tama ma le teine Samoa i lana tu, savali, ma lana tautala

A Samoan person is revealed by how they carry themselves, their walk and their speech.

A’u o le Samoa program

11 – 17th February 2018

Where: Nuanua Kindergarten, Warspite Ave, Cannons Creek Porirua

Time: Sunday 5pm-9pm
Monday-Friday 6:30 pm – 9:30pm (Full day Saturday)

Pre course requirement: Learn your Fa’alupega before the course starts. You can access these from your parents or matai’s in your families. If there is NO way you can get your fa’alupega, we can send it to you from here, however, we really encourage you to use what has been passed down through your families as it is your duty to keep it alive in your family.

Course requirement: PLEASE wear ie lavalava to every session and bring your phones or recorder to record in our ‘Live sessions’ .

Email your interest: Danny.Mareko@wmkindergartens.org.nz

Registrations close 2nd February, 5pm.